Customer Testimonials about CRC Products

I almost gave the car away for scrap. I am skeptical about products that make claims like this but I really did not want to throw this car away for scrap as the repair is more than the car is worth. The local “Pick & Pull” auto junk yard offered $500.00. If the car was in good running condition it would be worth about $3500.00. Ford Windstar has a known problem of warping heads and this was my problem. As a last ditch effort I purchased this product, followed the instructions to the letter and to my amazement, It worked and worked well. As of this review, I have put about 5000 miles on the engine and it’s holding up just fine. Can’t say how long it will last but this is much better than junking the car which is in great shape otherwise. Four stars just for being such a hassle to take engine parts off and on.

401232: Permanent Head Gasket & Block Repair with Nanotechnology – Seattle, WA

Worked as promised. It took a lot of flushing to get water running clear, taking hoses off etc. running car watering cans etc…
I took out the wet spark plug (my gasket leak was air to water/radiator) and iddled the car without it, with the stuff in.
It then took just as long to flush out after the drying out period.
It worked a treat, car runs perfectly now.
I may get another bottle as I have two peugeot 306′s and they are prone to gasket failures (lh spark plug areas)

401232: Permanent Head Gasket & Block Repair with Nanotechnology – Michael

Excellent Product. Fiberlock Head Gasket and Block Repair is a really nice product and it is easy to use too. I like it so far.

401224-6: FiberLock – Tom

High quality. This is very good consistency and works well on small delicate connectors, recommend this for all motorcycle electronic you may install.

05109: Technician Grade Di-Electric Grease

Used on my Yanmar sailboat diesel engine. Like cars, the fuel injectors get dirty and the engine does not run as smoothly. This is a great thing to use twice a year, at least. Noticeable difference in engine output and smoothness. Final step in any sort of tune-up and in between.

05228: Diesel Fuel Therapy Diesel Injector Cleaner Plus – Los Angeles, CA

This is a really good contact cleaner. I use this for light maintaince in computer and radio work. I recommend.

05103: QD Electronic Cleaner – DJ

I cut it with water 1 part of oil to 30 parts of water to use it in a magnetic drill , it provides cooling and lubrication so the cutting head lasts long time

SL2512: Soluble Oil – Stamford, CT

Works great. Will last about a year on the 2 gallon coolant system of my bandsaw.

The machine now gives clean cuts and stays cleaner (plus of using coolant).

Been using it for aprox a month the blade still looks like new and I’ve cut heavy steel and some aluminum. (I’m a fabricator)

SL2512: Soluble Oil

Performs like it should. I have always had good luck with CRC products and this is no exception. I use it in my shop and it works well for all our needs. When something works well, I do not change. The old adage “if it is not broke, don’t fix it” applies here.

05330: Ultra Screwloose Super Penetrant – David, Beverly Hills, Michigan

Great product, great price. Honda PWC factory service recommended. Rinse the motor, spray with 6-56, sleep well. Leaves motor clean and dry with no residue.

06007: 6-56 Multi-Purpose Marine Lubricant

Squeakfree, I recently replacd all my pads and rotors. This grease applied very easily and I do not have annoying squeaky brakes.

05351: Brake Caliper Synthetic Grease – Bryan, Inwood, WV

Great stuff, this stuff works very well for what it is suppose to do. And just a little bit will go a long way.

05351: Brake Caliper Synthetic Grease – TX

Works as expected. Everything in my brakes is quiet and no issues with this installed. I would buy this again.

05351: Brake Caliper Synthetic Grease – Boston, MA

Pretty darn good deal. It was nice having these cans the size they are, you don’t use them often and these are perfect size, not wasted.

05111: Single-Use MAF & Throttle Body Cleaner – Laura, Auburn Hills, MI

Worked as it said it would. I used the product the way it said on label and my 2001 toyota passed with flying colors. I would purchase product again.

05063: Guaranteed To Pass Emissions Test Formula – Barry, New York

Pass in NJ with high HC readings. My 1995 Civic with 203K miles failed on idle for high HC readings. Followed the directions on this product and passed with no problems.

05063: Guaranteed To Pass Emissions Test Formula – James, NJ

Helped with MPG, I didn’t buy this stuff to pass emissions but just to help restore and tune an old car. On my 98 Corolla At first use, I put it in, drove it around 15 miles, took a hike, came back, and the car started puffing out white smoke, like it was cleaning all the deposits, after it just being in for that short of time it surprised me to see that, ive been avg 350 miles per tank, once the CRC was in, it’s been more like 410 per tank. It seemed to help out some, overall I do not see a great improvement on the acceleration or idle, but seemed to help some with MPG.

05063: Guaranteed To Pass Emissions Test Formula

I wouldn’t have believed this would work. I purchased two bottles of CRC Guaranteed to Pass figuring that for $24 I’d at least clean the fuel system. It says one bottle for 16 gallons. Since I have 19 or so in the tank, I put two full bottles in. I had no expectations at all on any relief from the CAT problem. But here goes. I added two bottles and filled up with Sunoco 93 octane (a little more than half a tank gone), drove home 50 miles and cleared the codes. I got 110 miles of highway driving the next day before the CEL popped on. Bank 1 code was there but not Bank 2 which I found interesting because Bank 2 had been less of a problem. That seemed to me like a bit of improvement. Regardless, I could now pass inspection with that. So I cleared the codes yet again and emptied the tank on a 175 mile highway drive today. I just went out to check and there are no engine codes after 178.5 miles and the CEL is still off and running on straight 93 octane gas in this tank with no additives. I’ll follow up as we see where this goes, but the $24 was sure worth it.

05063: Guaranteed To Pass Emissions Test Formula – AJG

Great, this is good quality marine grease. I use it to protect the bearings on my rc off road truck and it does the job perfectly.

SL3121: CRC Marine Boat Trailer and 4X4 Wheel Bearing Grease

Some vehicles need/ require GL-4, NOT the newer GL-5 gear oil. I was replacing the clutch on my rear-engine VW Vanagon, and was changing the transaxle oil. The manual calls for GL-4 gear oil. Online I read that the newer GL-5 gear oils have more additives, some of which can be harmful to bronze parts found inside some older transmissions. Checking around, I found no one here in the NW Chicago suburbs seemed to stock it. But here on Amazon, I found exactly what i was looking for, and at a terrific price. It arrived quickly and well-packed. I’m vey pleased. :-]

SL24239: Sta-Lube API/GL-4 Multi-Purpose Gear Oil – Chicago, NW

$1,000 plus in my pocket. 2002 Ford Taurus. Daughter had a blown head gasket (white smoke, coolant in oil, compression lost) 150 miles from home; smart girl pulled over immediately. I used a full bottle of the Nano stuff as directed in the parking lot of a 24hr Exon. Three hours later I drove the car home. No smoke, good compression, clean oil (of course I changed the oil first).

401232: Permanent Head Gasket & Block Repair with Nanotechnology – Drake, Norfolk, VA

2004 Hyundai Elantra Power Steering belt squealing at startup. Removed same and Alternator belt. Both belts 4 ribs. Sprayed inside about 1/4 around, twisted tip of paper towel tight to press between pair ribs and wipe between/remove excess solution and dirt. Repeat per rib pair, repeat per 1/4 section til done. Then sprayed paper towel and wiped across inside/top of ribs. Reinstalled belts and tightened – no slip/no squeal.

05350: Belt Conditioner – Pat, Hamlin, NY

Easy to use. My old battery had spilled acid. This spray is so much easier to use, than baking soda. Can get into hard to reach areas, & has an indicator in it, to show you the presence of acid.

05023: Battery Cleaner with Acid Indicator – Mount Holly, NC

Amazing product. I have a 95 Ford Escort LX with 184k on it. The car was literally dying. I replaced the throttle positioning sensor (original wasn’t bad), then the coil pack (saw improvement in power but car was still dying), then I went to buy a mass air flow sensor and saw the reviews of this product. Rather than going to my lab I just bought this product and it worked miracles. My car is back to new to my wife’s dismay. Follow the directions and all will be fine. This should be part of annual maintenance on a car.

05110: Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner – Jay, Boston, MA

This stuff worked great.

05089: Brakleen – MJ, Manitowoc, WI

Dries clean, best out there. High-Performance.

05089: Brakleen

Works great and you need to use it. You need to use this when putting on new pads & rotors! :)

05089: Brakleen – Glen, Flint, Michigan

I am absolutely amazed. Two weeks ago the water pump went out on my 1998 Chevy van on the interstate while driving home late at night. I made it to the next exit, but the van had badly overheated. I didn’t know what had happened, but I bought some jugs of water at a convenience store to put in the cooling system, and I made it home without overheating again.

The next day, when I filled the cooling system, it was obvious that the water pump had gone out because water was pouring out of it. I had the water pump repaired, and the van was running good for about a day, but then it started running really rough. When I started checking on things, I discovered that there was water in the oil. I refilled the cooling system, drove a short distance with the van running very badly, and checked the cooling system again. Sure enough, the water had been sucked into the engine.

I was very depressed because I knew it would cost too much to have the head gasket repaired. I wasn’t prepared financially to purchase another vehicle, and I didn’t know what I was going to do. Fortunately, I was able to borrow the company’s truck for a few days. I decided to make a trip to an auto parts store to see if there was any sort of temporary “fix” that I could try. I think it was actually at Wal-Mart that I purchased a bottle of K & W Nanotechnology Head Gasket & Block Repair.

Over the Labor Day weekend, I followed the directions exactly that came with the bottle. I really didn’t have much hope that it would work, BUT IT DID! I am truly amazed. The van is actually running better than ever, and no cooling solution has disappeared from the cooling system. I changed the oil, too, and what I drained out was really bad. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

401232: K & W Nanotechnology Head Gasket and Block Repair – Gary

I had my doubts, but I figured $35.00 dollars wasted before I tore my sons Hardbody engine apart would be worth it. All I can say is thank you. Followed the instructions and after letting the engine idle for 20 minutes, problem solved… Could see the leak stop as time went on. Will recommend FiberLock to everyone. Thanks again.

401224-6: FiberLock – Greg

Unreal, this stuff is amazing it goes on like nail polish out of the can 0 corrosion. It really, really helps life of the battery.

05046: Technician Grade Battery Terminal Protector – Tailor

Very happy with product. My company has been buying this product for a while now and are very happy with it. We have tried other brands but find this one to be the best.

05103: Quick Dry Electronic Cleaner – Thomas,

Over 40 years of experience. The Tannery is the best stuff ever. It cleans and nurtures leather. I use it on all my leather gear. I had a leather belt that I took off of a jacket and found it years later. The jacket was like new. The belt was a bit dry and looked its age. I use The Tannery on plastic interior parts. It leaves a shine that can be lessened with wiping by a dry clean cloth. Makes the interior look new and gives it a leatherish type scent. Some may say it is overpowering, I think it gives your car that day one smell. No one sells this stuff anymore so you have to order it. I also use it on all my leather chairs and living room furniture. It makes the leather look like new. I had some light stains on an off-white sofa from a nearby decorative water fountain. The Tannery took them right off with about 3 applications. Even athletic shoes with leather trim can be shined up with The Tannery. Some leather conditioners soften the leather which is not good if you have a leather steering wheel. The Tannery cleans and leaves that new car sheen. If it is leather or even plastic, The Tannery is your overall solution.

40173: Tannery Leather Cleaner – Detroit

It works, our technicians love using this product. They say it works better than anything else they have used in the past.

05002: Freeze-Off Super Penetrant – John, Raleigh, NC

Jet ski loves this. My Honda Aqua trax calls out for this product specifically. There is a great reason. It works great. A must for boaters

06007: 6-56 Multi-Purpose Marine Lubricant – Kent, Montana

Great, Stays in place. Will not wash out as easily as other grease. Good lub. All old grease must be removed, can’t be combined with different types.

SL3121: Marine Boat Trailer and 4X4 Wheel Bearing Grease

Great product, I order these all the time for the shop they hold up and when they don’t there are parts you can replace, how great is that!

14016: Sure Shot Reusable Sprayer – Leanna, Tulsa, Oklahoma

It is CRC, it is good. Have used it for several applications besides my MAF, and will be using it on a regular basis as needed.

05110: Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner – Fred, Hollywood, FL

Worth every PENNY. I love this stuff. My recently rejuvenated 2004 Hyundai Elantra GLS 2.0 was having some hesitation issues just off idle, it was beginning to stutter under heavy load at low RPM’s, it didn’t NOT coast very well anymore, and it didn’t make as much power higher in the RPM range (3.5K +) as it used to.

Also, I had recently cleaned and re-oiled my K&N filter (which is outstanding) and re-installed into the factory airbox.

So, I pulled the MAF and used several hits from the CRC MAF cleaner. I observed a slimy grease/oil all over the metal screen and the sensor elements deeper inside the tube. After a few sprays, the sheen was gone. I re-installed and all of the above problems were fixed. In fact, the coasting and low-RPM performance (feels like a LOT more torque) has improved dramatically. Also MPG’s went up (no hard numbers yet, but the needle is definitely moving slower).

So, about the K&N. I have realized that the oil used on the K&N filter media has probably been sucked-up into the MAF and that this oil was the “gunk” that was coating the surfaces of the MAF. So, next time you clean and re-oil your K&N, make sure and clean your MAF about 1k miles afterward with this stuff. Just can’t beat it!

05110: Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner – Orlando, FL

Safe cleaning fluid for your Toyota sensor. I paid a little extra for this stuff to be sure I did not damage my $100 sensor. The last time I cleaned my Mass Flow sensor it FAILED about 30k miles later, so this time I am trying this “special cleaner.” Always be careful to “gently” spray your sensor, as I feel a strong stream of any cleaning fluid may shorten the life of the fragile sensor components. You just need to get the build-up off, and nothing more.

05110: Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner

Worked for me. I failed e-check because of emissions. The e-check dude told me to go use this stuff and come back. I put it in, drove around town (was a little disappointed that it wasn’t an instantaneous fix) about 50 miles, which is less than the directions called for, IIRC. Stopped by the auto parts store right before the e-check place and had the check engine code removed. Passed e-check. Have used it successfully on a Buick and a Hyundai.

05063: Guaranteed To Pass Emissions Test Formula

I love it. I have tried and have passed the MA emission inspection.

I highly recommend it, this is the best product

05063: Guaranteed To Pass Emissions Test Formula – Ale

Passed emissions test without another $300 in repairs. My check engine light had been on for about 8 years. Recently I’ve lived in jurisdictions requiring emissions checks, and a check engine light is an automatic failure. On two separate occasions I’ve taken my car to the shop, gotten $300 worth of repairs and passed the emissions test, only for the check engine light to come back on a couple days later.

This time I poured GTP into a full tank of gas, drove the car until it was at a half tank, and got an oil change where I asked them to reset the check engine light. After driving a couple days with the light off I went to my emissions check and passed, even without cycling through a full tank of gas as instructed in the GTP directions.

The most surprising thing is that this happened over a month ago, and my check engine light still hasn’t come back on. It could just be a coincidence, but this stuff seems to work better than the $600+ worth of repairs I’ve gotten at the shop.

05063: Guaranteed To Pass Emissions Test Formula

Proved me wrong! Mechanic in a can works!! After 3 years of “paying the smog guy off”, I decided to get my car(2004 Isuzu Axiom) fixed and just pay for whatever needed to be fixed. After investing $3500 into it and STILL NOT PASSING, I was exhausted. I was fighting with the DMV because they would NOT give me a waiver for the year. I was forced to sell my vehicle I love. I went to the ISUZU dealership and they said it would be AT LEAST another $2000, and if the engine wiring harness was not it then it was my computer module. My mechanic said I have one final recommendation for you. He said he doesn’t believe in “mechanic in a can” but try it? It wont hurt as his friend said it worked for him. I put in in my gas tank and the next day went to see him and see if the faulty codes have cleared. He didnt want to promise me anything but he said. I think you’re good? I went to the smog test and PASSED. No joke. This is a lifesaver for me and my 2004 Isuzu Axiom I have redone (bodywork, etc) With CRC G2P I’m able to keep my vehicle that I’ve NEVER had ANY PROBLEMS with other than stupid smog. I WOULD LIKE TO TAKE THIS SMOG TEST (PASS) PAPER TO NEVADA DMV AND SMACK THOSE GUYS IN THE FACE FOR ALL THE TROUBLES.. THANKS CRC!! YOU’RE A LIFESAVER!!

05063: Guaranteed To Pass Emissions Test Formula

Does what it is supposed to do. This stuff does what it is supposed to do and keeps your brake pads from squealing. While installing the brakes the tip of the bottle makes applying the stuff where you want relatively easy. The tip is like a wood glue bottle with a slot/flat tip for the stuff to come out and be spread around. This will get all over everything if you aren’t a little careful to not get it on your fingers, rags, etc. It isn’t because it is runny, its just bright red and like a grease consistency.

05016: Disc Brake Quiet – Dallas, TX

Works great on new brake jobs. Normally, AutoZone and PepBoys and things of that sort screw you with those little packets. This bottle will far outlast the uses I have for it and gives me plenty to work with. It is not runny and it holds up grade. The applicator tip is in a flat ‘|’ shape so as to help with cleaner application. A must have!

05016: Disc Brake Quiet – Villanova, PA

Worked well. No squeal after my brake job. Love this stuff. Applied to back of pad and got rid of the squeal.

05016: Disc Brake Quiet – MO

It works! My new brake pads were squealing like a pig! I waited for them to break in, but no relief was in sight. I applied some Disk Brake Quiet between the pad and the piston and presto – no more noise.

05016: Disc Brake Quiet – James, Danville, CA

Great seller! Only the best for my M3 and this stuff helps to keep the life of your brakes going for a long time. Synthetic is the way to go my friends.

05351: Brake Caliper Synthetic Grease

Your general synthetic grease for brake jobs, lubed up the parts nice. Covered all the rusted looking parts, etc. Good one.

05351: Brake Caliper Synthetic Grease – NJ

Great product, excellent brand, no suprises! We all can count upon CRC products. Its an excellent product and reliable brand which I use on all my vehicles without question.

05351: Brake Caliper Synthetic Grease – William Salem, Oregon

Purchased several cans. Does whats expected, kills on contact and sprays pretty far when fresh can is used.

14009: Bee Blast with Residual Wasp and Hornet Killer

Does the job. I use this product to spray on my jet ski after I take it in the salt water. The jet ski is 10 years old I nothing is rusted. My conclusion is that this stuff works!

06006: Marine 6-56 Multi-Purpose Lubricant – Dan

The best. This is the best spray lube, rust preventive, and light corrosion inhibitor I have for less than $20 or so per can. I use it every where on boat and around house.

06006: Marine 6-56 Multi-Purpose Lubricant – Philby

I’ll be keeping this stuff around to clean all the electronics I use that start to malfunction. It works really, really well.

05101: QD Electronic Cleaner – Casey, Texas

Electronics already cause enough headaches and you shouldn’t add to that by using a cleaner not designed for them. This cleaner is the normal spray cap and easy to use. Spray onto your connectors or electronics, let dry for a few seconds and you are good to go. Other cleaners can either be too harsh, leave residue or take too long to dry. If you are working with power it is best to use a cleaner made for that instead of making due with another type of universal cleaner.

05101: QD Electronic Cleaner – JW, West Virginia

Great product, not much to really review here, it does what it says it does. I used it on a radio that had a scratch volume knob, it cleared it right up.

05101: QD Electronic Cleaner – JT,

This cleaner is a ‘miracle in a can’. I have used this product to repair two remotes for my electronic equipment, one being my TV and the other my Audio Amplifier. As the years passed the controls got to the point where I was looking to replace them. I bought this Electronic Cleaner and very carefully opened the controls and cleaned the switch contacts with it, and now they work like new again.

05101: QD Electronic Cleaner – Gerald, Southeastern, MI

The terminator!!! Works fantastic! I think it actually works better than the Salt Away stuff. I got a lot more suds with this one, and it seemed to dilute slower. I’m going to buy it again for sure!

SX128: Salt Terminator

The only thing I will use to deal with bees! CRC is a great product for dealing with wasps and hornets. Even with the short tip, it will easily spray 10ft with a manageable steam. I have gotten this on my wood siding and deck, but it leaves no residue or staining. It’s very effective and kills most instantly on contact. I have had mixed results with other brands, but would now recommend CRC to address any bee issues.

14010: Wasp and Hornet Killer Plus Insecticide

Works better than any wasp spray I have ever tried! I have sprayed wasp with every kind of spray sold at Wal Mart, Home depot and Lowes . . . might as well have sprayed them with water! But this stuff works!!

14010: Wasp and Hornet Killer Plus Insecticide

As said in the subject, this thing does the job well.Used it on my rusted car door hinges/door hinges, what not. Good buy. For peolple that have not used this type of product Note to wipe off when done using it as it leaves this white grease on the surface that’s sprayed on (normal)…

05037: White Lithium Grease

I purchased this grease for my new hybrid bike/elliptical but used it on every squeaky door and cabinet in my apartment. The result was immediate–no more squeaking. It also worked great on the bike/elliptical.

05037: White Lithium Grease – NYC

Kept getting CEL after hard accelerations, used it to clean airflow sensor in 06 GMC Sierra. Vehicle runs stronger now and it’s an easy DIY job. If you are getting an engine code for Mass Airflow Sensor try this before you spend money on a new sensor.

05110: CRC Mass Air Sensor Cleaner

Happy customer, it worked. Thanks!

05063: Guaranteed To Pass Emissions Test Formula

Very good, been using this product for 35 years the best there is in my opinion.

402015: Trans-X Automatic Transmission Slip-Stop & Leak Fix

CRC 6-56 is the best thing I have found to prevent corrosion and rust.

06005: CRC 6-56 Multi-Purpose Lubricant – Rick

Works like advertised! Cleaned my rotors, then sprayed on. Drove at low speeds and applied brakes 10 times, and no squeaks. Thank u!! the squeeks were driving me crazy, next time I will use when I replace pads, not when it squeaks like this time. I used the grease like i was suppose to the first time, but they still squeaked. Not no more.

05080: CRC De-Squeak Brake Conditioning – Harvey

AWESOME PRODUCT BETTER THAN ADVERTISED Man this works it added 11HP at the wheels to my car! BETTER then the 4-10 advertised! !!!!!! made my VW Golf ZZOOM a necesssity to any car lover vehicle. Say I love you to your car with this it AMAZINGGG works trust me!!

05110: CRC Mass Air Sensor Cleaner

Awesome!!!! This product works wonders. My car stalled and would not start without stalling again. I had to unplug the sensor if i wanted the car to stay idle without stalling. However, I used this product and also changed my air filter and my car miraculously work… I drove it for about 300 ft and then i drove about 5 miles. My car did not stall AT ALL!!! Thank God for this miracle in a can!

05110: CRC Mass Air Sensor Cleaner

good stuff poured it in a older 1995 car that was burning coolant pretty fast i put 4 gallons in a half hour then i poured this stuff in and it was sealed in 10 or 15 minutes i think this one works so good because it has fibers in it and the seal fairly quick the car ran for two more years then he crashed it but the motor was still good oil was clean antifreeze was clean no particles it really works

401224-6: K&W FiberLock Head Gasket & Block Repair

Used it on Saturn sl1 that had either a cracked head or blown gasket to the point where it needed anti-freeze every few days(it has 170,000 miles on it, so a $1,000 or $2,000 repair was out of the question). Drained the radiator, flushed it, then filled with K&W and water for 300 miles. Then drained, flushed, and filled with the normal 50/50 anti-freeze water. Totally cured the problem and I’ve gone 2500 miles/3 months with it so far. I notice that if I’m stuck in traffic on a hot day the engine temperature creeps up a little, but still below the halfway mark, and far below the red zone.

401016: K&W Head Gasket & Block Repair

GREAT product: have tried this product in the past with great results.

40173: CRC Tannery Leather Cleaner & Conditioner – Penn Valley, CA

Works great, less rusting, soluble oil for machining and grinding keeps tools cool and sharp
less mess than using oil alone for machining aluminum and parts clean up is a snap
I will buy again

SL2512: Soluble Oil – Samuel, Las Vegas, NV

Good old brakleen, does what you want & gives you what you need. Many uses other than brakes makes this cleaner a necessary tool in any workshop. Have used it for years and will never stop.

05089: CRC Brakleen – Charles, Hoffman Estates, IL

It works great 2001 gmc work van. Gasket went out and dumped coolant, hour away from home. Sealed it up and cooling system is fine. Need to make sure you drive it after you wait the 15 min.

401224-6: K&W FiberLock Head Gasket & Block Repair – Kris

CRC is still the best. My old boss told me of CRC years ago and I still think that they are the best product out there. Great for drying out those wet ignition wires and keeping them sealed. Great for lubricating hinges. The product simply works.

05006: CRC Power-Lube Multi-Purpose Lubricant – Joe, Bethlehem, PA

Good stuff. This does what it is supposed to.

05109: CRC Technician Grade Di-Electric Grease – James

Good product – does what it is supposed to. This is a very good product. It is not messy and it does what it is supposed to do. Packaging was great and delivery was fast.

05037: White Lithium Grease

Simply the best! I never tried lithium grease before, but everything I applied it to is working perfectly smooth now. I highly recommend it!

05037: White Lithium Grease – Brian, NY

Great chain lube. Is used by a lot of companies to lube the chains of motorcycles.
The spray is oily, but once it dries up it becomes like a wax.
Great for chains, sprockets, and even to lubricate lightweight vehicle wheel axises, like mopeds, bicycles, rollerblades/skates, and skate boards.

05037: White Lithium Grease – HB, Hialeah, FL

Worked great on garage door. My garage door could wake up someone sleeping five miles away. White lithium grease was recommended online by a garage door manufacturer/installer, and I bought this based on CRC’s reputation. I used almost the full can on a double door, and it quieted the door to the point that I received a compliment from a friend that wasn’t familiar with how noisy my door had been. My wife was also very pleased. Depending upon the size and number of your garage doors, you may want to order two cans.

05037: White Lithium Grease – James, Penrose, CO

Best result. I have the best results ever cleaning up the throttle body
very good product if you are thinking of cleaning up the throttle

05078: Throttle Body and Air Intake Cleaner – Jonathan

Powerful product. The first time I used this recently was in my 1983 BMW 320i (185,455 miles). Followed the instruction and the car PASSED the CA Smog test with flying colors. I just added this to my 1988 BMW 635CSi (154,600 miles) few days ago. This Shark drives like a rocket now. I also got the CRC Air Flow Sensor cleaner which I’m going to work on this weekend. I very highly recommend this product.

05063: Guaranteed To Pass Emissions Test Formula – Los Angeles, CA

It works! My 2005 Jetta failed the inspection and my mechanic said (after clearing the engine light) that I should drive the car for 20 min highway and 20 local. We’ve tried that the whole day but out of three lights on his device only 1 went away. Next day the light engine came back. After not being happy with the explanation offered by him (a family friend) that I should keep driving it until we get lucky I went online and found CRC 05063. Followed the instruction (one bottle on full tank of gas). Before my tank was under 3/4, engine light went off!! At half tank I went and did the inspection – IT PASSED! I am really impressed!

05063: Guaranteed To Pass Emissions Test Formula – P.L.

Bye bye check engine light. Just had 02 sensors replaced. Check engine light came on months later. 1/2 a tank with g2p and it is gone.

05063: Guaranteed To Pass Emissions Test Formula – USA

This is where you should start if you have a car that is not running right, missing, too rich, too lean, etc. start here. Many times it is enough to clean the MAS instead of replacing it. My last car needed one and they are about $300, This is under $10 and it worked.

05110: CRC Mass Air Sensor Cleaner – John

I never knew the mass air flow sensor was so critical to your car or truck’s engine running well.Just spray this cleaner on and the sensor is completely spotless and your engine runs like new,as long as everything else is working correctly.This really does stop your engine from “missing” while running.

05110: CRC Mass Air Sensor Cleaner – Johnnie

2004 Toyota Yaris D4D Engine & 2007 Toyota Corolla VVT-i Engine Owner. Just clarifying the year and model of my car, so you guys can know what kind of Engine is improving!

First of all, I am a MD, with 0 to 1% knowledge of a car engine operation. So, even for a dummy like me, the cleansing of the DENSO MAF Sensor, of a D4D engine (actually similar to the 2007 Toyota Corolla of my Father, even in location) is a piece of cake! Taking me between 5 – 10 minutes for a very noticeable boost in the car performance.

Locating the Sensor in a D4D or VVT-i engine (Diesel or Petrol) is easy. Just locate the air intake (looks like a snorkel) that house the air filter, going forward into the engine you can locate the MAF sensor with the Toyota DENSO engraved in a plastic square, that is fixated to the air intake with 2 screws.

First, remove the conector of the MAF sensor, remove the screws, and carefully remove the MAF sensor.. try NOT to touch it, whatsoever.

Second, with the CRC 05110 Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner and the provided nozzle, apply a few sprays into the little metal conector that sticks out of the plastic housing. Don’t be cheap and apply it thoroughly!

– CAREFUL, the cleaner has a combination of different Hydrocarbons derivatives, so it would be wise to use a latex glove to protect your hands in the process!! –

Let it dry for a while, and then place it again where it belongs. Plug again the connector and wait for a few minutes before start the engine.

From the first start, you can actually hear the difference between the old ignition and the new.. and the notoriusly different idle working of a Diesel engine! (it works smoothly and quieter)

In the first week, my Gas consumption went from a 17.5 Km/L to a 20 – 21 Km/L (Metric System FTW)

So, I’m actually going to use a lot of this for a while, especially every 5000K with my car Maintenance, hoping to get the old Gas consumption of 25 Km/L..! I love more and more, every day, my little Yaris.. :)

05110: CRC Mass Air Sensor Cleaner – Luis, Asuncion, Paraguay

Use this product. Do yourself a HUGE favor and use a mass flow (MAF) senor cleaner to clean the MAF sensor. DON’T use carburetor, fuel injector or throttle body cleaner or you’ll ruin the MAF sensor.

05110: CRC Mass Air Sensor Cleaner – Alabama

No more squeaks. Product works well and I’m sure I’ll find more uses for it other than getting rid of the squeaky hinges on my French doors and lubricating the spring and rollers on my garage door. This larger can will probably outlast my lifetime.

05074: CRC Heavy Duty Silicone – Petra, USA

A real difference. My goal is to get our Chevy minivan to 250,000 miles. The transmission is the “critical path” item. I noticed a significant difference after adding this product recently (in late Spring) to our vehicle. The transmission was slipping at almost every stop. Now it shifts much more smoothly.

402916: CRC Trans-X High-Mileage Transmission Treatment – Al, Burke, VA

Works great! It just plain works. Used it on an LT1 powered vehicle with 160k miles after it failed emissions. Followed directions and car passed with flying colors! Picked up some mpg too.

Have recommended it to friends and it worked for them too.

Only downside is you MUST add to full tank of gas and run it all out. When all you want is to get your plates, it is expensive and a bit aggravating to just drive around trying to run the tank dry. Worth it though to avoid a trip to the garage and likely expensive repairs.

05063: Guaranteed To Pass Emissions Test Formula – Cedar Lake, IN

Perfect cleaner. I use this product to clean the cable connectors in my Volvo 240. When the connectos gets some green corrosion, this will help up. Simply spray over the affected area, clean with a brush (if it is too much) and that’s all!

05103: CRC QD Electronic Cleaner – Camuy, PR

Amazing, I gotta say that the mass air flow cleaner sure is good, I gave my mass airflow sensor a good clean like it says to do, and after letting it get a thoroughly dry clean and put it back on, I crank the truck up, put it in drive and wow I declare if I felt a lot of difference in acceleration and horsepower, that cleaner sure work real good as described, I gotta give it A+++++ beyond, I’m glad I did not have to but a new MAF Sensor, cause it’s a lot for it. So I recommend anybody to get that stuff and try it for yourself and you’re be amazed at the results as they speak for themselves.

05110: CRC Mass Air Sensor Cleaner – Brad, Fitzgerald, GA

I would suggest using this product in a well ventilated area. It has a very strong odor. That being said it is a very good product for cleaning the grease and oil off of brake parts. You just spray it on and wipe off with a clean rag.

05089: CRC Brakleen – Corry, PA

Made a believer out of me. I’m a few years older than you are …so removing the 13 year old oxygen sensors from a 2000 Acura RL …had me about to hire someone to pull the old ones ….just not enough arm strength anymore ….I had sprayed it with PB ….and a couple of other penetrants and was about to give up. Then I saw a uTube video on this ….skeptical of course….drove around 30 miles or so to get car good and hot. Went home…opened the hood ….sprayed both sensors ….tapped them both with a long sturdy screwdriver and rubber mallet a few times …did a little spiritual thing but your choice if you take that step or not ….used the CTA Tools 2064 Thin Wall Oxygen Sensor Socket ….which I am proud to say I bought from Amazon three days earlier ….both oxygen sensors loosened up enough to come out like a 40,000 mile old spark plug rather than a 13 year 155,000 mile oxygen sensor.

05002: Freeze-Off Super Penetrant – Roger , Sussex, WI

Nice product. Got this one to lubricate during my old brake pad replacement project. 2.5 Oz is the size I am looking for.

05351: Brake Caliper Synthetic Grease

Great stuff! This works great on removing gasket, sealers, adhesives paint, varnish! Spray it on, let it sit about 10 minutes, cleans smooth! I used a little wire brush and the surface is nice and clean and ready for installation. must get it if you don’t have it!

05021: Technician Grade Gasket Remover – James , Clifton Heights, PA

I would not have believed it! My 1995 Chevy Impala SS failed the Texas inspection because of high emissions.
At 25 mph
HC was supposed to be 99 I was at 114
CO was supposed to be .55, I was at 1.10
NOx was supposed to be 677, I was at 928
At 15 mph
HC was supposed to be 102, I was at 123
CO was supposed to be .57, I was at 1.12
NOx was supposed to be 747 I was at 843
Ater using Guaranteed to Pass and running 93 octane gas after the application
At 25 mph
HC was 23
CO was .35
NOx was 351
At 15 mph
HC was 34
CO was .40
NOx was 401

The numbers don’t lie!
I’m a believer now!

05063: Guaranteed To Pass – Steven

It passed! My 88 Chevy RV passed with flying colors. It runs better now too. It had been sitting for awhile before I bought it, and I was worried. The fuel lines were pretty gunked up. I ran this through and had no issues passing smog. I put it in a full tank and used half the tank with this. I got the car nice and hot by driving it 30 miles to get tested. The mechanic had told me ahead of time I could test with the CRC still in the tank,even though the instructions say to use it all up. But it did work!

05063: Guaranteed To Pass