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Beginning in 1971 with industry leader BRAKLEEN, the ORIGINAL aerosol brake parts cleaner, CRC has earned its reputation as “The Brake Experts.” BRAKLEEN was the very first product of its kind, and for over 40 years, hundreds of thousands of technicians and Do-It-Yourselfers have relied on BRAKLEEN and CRC products for fast and effective automotive service solutions.

Need help choosing the CRC BRAKLEEN formula that’s best for you or your business? Do you have questions about product compliance? View our digital BRAKLEEN brochure or click here for the most current VOC regulations and product compliance info by state. As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of chemical maintenance products, CRC has made a commitment to provide the best solutions for our customers, and we can help you meet the challenges of today’s highly regulated environment. CRC diligently monitors all regulatory developments regarding VOCs, cholorinated solvents, and other important issues affecting our products and our customers.