18413 - Zinc-It® Instant Cold Galvanize™ Zinc Rich Galvanize Coating, 1 Gal

High-performance coating of >92% pure zinc that electrochemically bonds with ferrous metals to form a galvanic cell. It actively fights rust and corrosion. Use as a touch-up for damaged galvanized coatings. Dries quickly. Outdoor protection: 1 - 2 years

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ApplicationsOn threads, exposed edges, fasteners, conduit, strapping, welds, fencing, railings, grates, electrical poles, breaker panel housings, rain spouts, signs, doors, trailers, waste containers, catwalks, and guard rails.
Unit Package Description1 Gallon Can
Generic Description 1Instant Cold Galvanized Coating
Net Fill1 Gal
UPC Code078254184135
Unit Dimensions7.88H x 8W x 8D in
Units Per Case1
Case Dimensions9.8H x 9.4W x 9.1D in
Cases Per Pallet60
Case Weight22 lbs
I 2 of 5 Code30078254184136
AppearanceGray Viscous Liquid
Flash point (F)45°F
Flash point (C)7°C
Flammability Class - CPSCFlammable
Spec Gravity Concentrate2.47
Plastic SafeMay Harm Sensitive Plastics
Evaporation RateSlow
Dry Time - Fully Dry72 Hours
Dry Time - Tack Free30 Minutes
Recoat8 Hours
Coverage674 Sq Ft at 1 Mil Dry
Working Temp (F)250 to 300°F (Continuous),Up to 450°F (Intermittent)
Working Temp (C)121.1 to 148.9°C (Continuous),232.2°C (Intermittent)
Military Specification NumberMeets requirements of Mil-P-26915,Meets requirements of Mil-P-46105
DOT Proper Shipping NamePaint, Limited Quantity
VOC % (Federal)19.95
VOC g/L (Federal)493.36
VOC Lbs./Gal. (Federal)4.11
VOC CategoryNot Regulated
Restricted from Sale In:California
Removal (How To)Paint stripper or other solvent